To be a leader in the provision of comprehensive community services for mental health, addictive diseases and developmental disabilities.

To be a leader in the provision of comprehensive community services for mental health, addictive diseases and developmental disabilities.

About Us

VALUES                             COMMITMENT
Respect We serve individuals with integrity in a culturally competent, ethical and respectful manner.
Access We provide high quality customer service focused on outcomes of improved health.
Community We offer a comprehensive array of services to allow individuals to remain active in our communities.
Recovery We commit to consistent treatment, providing strengths-based care, focused on an individual’s personal goals.
Support We provide a work environment that encourages passion, creativity, and team work in an atmosphere of compassion, flexibility and optimism.
Responsibility We manage resources effectively and efficiently.
Hope We provide hope to all individuals served.


Community Service Boards (CSBs) were established by the 1993 General Assembly, OCGA 37-2-6 (a) and created by Georgia Legislators HB100 in 1994. There are 26 Community Service Boards serving the State of Georgia.

CSBs are governed by a Board that is appointed by the county commissions in the CSB’s service area. Each county appoints one representative. The most populous county is eligible for one additional appointment and up to three additional members may be appointed by the counties within the service area that provide the most support to their CSB, either monetary or in-kind. The additional member appointments must be elected or appointed officials.

Georgia's Community Services Boards are the pre-eminent service providers for children, youth, adults, and families with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and/or addictive diseases. Under the direction of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Gateway participates in multiple monitoring, quality improvement activities and evaluations including APS Healthcare Audits and is an active member of the Georgia Association of CSBs.


Gateway Receives 3-Year CARF Reaccreditation

Board of Directors

Schedule of Board Meetings

Camden County: Steve Howard, County Administrator; Dr. Clark Heath, Jr.
Glynn County: Bob Coleman, County Commissioner; Laura Johnson
McIntosh County: Charles Jordan, County Commissioner
Liberty County: VACANT
Chatham County: VACANT
Effingham County: VACANT
Bryan County: VACANT
Long County: VACANT

Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Mark Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Manager by Appointment
David Crews, Interim Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Chrissie Clure, Medical Director, Board Certified in Psychiatry
Bridgett Coleman, LPC, Interim Clinical Director
Mark Taylor, MS, Director of Behavioral Health-South
Maureen McFadden, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health-North
Elizabeth McCloskey, LPC, Director of Engagement Services
Cathy Thompson, RN, Director of Crisis Services
Rufus Johnson, MS, Developmental Disabilities Director
Marlene Flowers, BA, Associate Director-Developmental Disabilities Residential Services
Karen Morrison, BA, Associate Director-Developmental Disabilities Day Services
Stacy Morgan, Quality Management Director, Corporate Compliance Officer
Heather Ott, PHR, Human Resources Director
Felecia Singleton, Executive Assistant

Clinical Leadership Team

Jessica Malone, Women’s Residential Program (Brunswick)
Ada King, Apex Program (McIntosh)
Emily Reed, LMSW, Assertive Community Treatment (Brunswick)
Sandra Jacobs, LPC,Intensive Community Treatment (Savannah)
Colleen Spellman, RN, Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (Brunswick)
Christina Merrill, LCSW, Child & Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Unit (Savannah)
Katie Hagin, Housing Assistance Services
Kenisha Crapp, MS, ICAADC, Clubhouse (Savannah)
Lisa Wiggins, MPH, MS, NCC, Children, Youth, and Young Adults (formerly YTA)
Vacant, Peer Program Leader, Reed House/Psychosocial Rehab Program Leader
Kim Skaff
, Process Manager
John Probst, Liberty Developmental Disabilities Day and Residential Services
David Williams, Supported Employment

Medical Providers

Dr. Chrissie Clure, Psychiatry
Dr. William Shivers, Psychiatry
Dr. Patricia Watkins, Psychiatry
Dr. David Deuser, Psychiatry
Dr. Jose Cangiano, Psychiatry
Dr. Ganiat Ajayi, MD,
Dr. Kayln Lane, Psychiatry
Dr. Rubina Sial, Psychiatry
Dr. Shahzad Hashmi, Psychiatry
Dr. Sandra Ligneel, Psychiatry
Dr. John Prather, Psychiatry
Dr. Marlene Zetzer-Shivers, Psychiatry 
Sherri Kroll, Nurse Practitioner
Karen Honikel, Physician Assistant
Marion Alston, Nurse Practitioner
Nicole Whittis, Physician Assistant
Charlotte Hodges,  Nurse Practitioner

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Financial Info

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Quarterly Financial Presentation

Mission Statement:

We provide hope for recovery to individuals with mental illness, addictive diseases, and developmental disabilities.

"We Provide Hope"

Corporate Intro:

Gateway Behavioral Health Services, as an instrumentality of the State of Georgia, is a public community-based organization serving eight Georgia counties: Camden, Glynn, McIntosh, Liberty, Chatham, Bryan, Long and Effingham. The organization is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors appointed by the County Commissions of the counties we serve.

For purposes of managing and holding real property to house consumers in our various programs, Gateway operates one subsidiary, Distinctive Housing Solutions, as a non-profit (501c3) organization.

Let Gateway light the way to a new future.