Job Title:             Residential Services Coordinator/DDP

Dept:                     Liberty Group Homes 

Location:                Hinesville, GA

Status:                   Full Time / Exempt / Salaried

Supervises Residential Site Managers of multiple community based 24-hour residential facilities, such as group homes, semi-independent apartment living, or other residential alternatives. Hires, trains, schedules, and evaluates site managers. Monitors operations and facilities for compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines and troubleshoots day-to-day problems and/or crises. Recommends and implements operational changes and improvements. Participates in consumer treatment planning and evaluation sessions. May plan and/or monitor budgets and authorize purchases and repairs.

This job description lists the major duties and requirements of the job and is not all-inclusive. Incumbent(s) may be expected to perform job-related duties other than those contained in this document and may be required to have specific job knowledge and skills.

  • Administers multiple residential services sites. Evaluates staffing patterns and staff utilization. Appropriately assigns and schedules staff to assure adequate coverage and cost effective operation.
  • Regularly monitors program operations for compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines and fulfillment of agency management goals.
  • Trouble shoots day-to-day operational and consumer-related problems or issues.
  • Appropriately conducts or participates in interviews of applicants for position vacancies.
  • Approves or denies leave for other staff in accordance with established policies, procedures rules and regulations.
  • Oversees facility management operations. Conducts facility maintenance reviews to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, licensure, accreditation or other requirements. Takes corrective action as needed.
  • Monitors service plan of exceptional rate individuals for compliance with staffing requirements.
  • Prepares and/or assists in budget planning process. May monitor expenses and approve purchases
  • Participates with other team members in diagnosing, identifying the consumer’s strengths and weaknesses and developing a care/service plan. Conducts comprehensive assessments for a limited number of complex cases to identify problems and service needs. Completes assessment process in a timely manner.
  • Serves as liaison between consumers and family members, significant others, physicians, organizational components, etc. to facilities and ensure communication, effective relationships, linkage and continuity of services.
  • Follows agency policy and departmental protocol regarding work schedule, calling in when arriving late or when absent, break and lunch periods and observing provisions of Fair labor Standards Act.
  • Submits leave requests in advance (according to departmental protocol) for annual leave, personal leave, and foreseen sick leave. Submits leave requests for unforeseen or emergency sick or personal leave immediately upon return to duty. Provides documentation for use of sick leave as required.
  • Submits accurate time sheets to supervisor on a semi-monthly basis.
  • Presents a neat and clean appearance. Wears clothing suitable to job and environment based on clientele served.
  • Does not use or knowingly permit others to use agency property for personal business.
Knowledge of:
§  State, local and federal guidelines in order to modify existing programs and the development of new programs in response to changes in the guidelines.
§  Organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of programs, policies and operational needs.
§  Advanced principles and practices of budget preparation and administration.
§  Principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation.

Ability to:
§  Ability to design, evaluate and manage programs.
§  Ability to work with community stakeholders to identify the needs of target population and develop solutions.
§  Ability to establish and/or sit on committees and advisory boards.
§  Ability to provide guidance and direction in the development of policies and procedures of area specific program.
§  Ability to manage contracts and grants.
§  Ability to answer staff and customer questions.
§  Ability to supervise and delegate assignments.
§  Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
§  Prepare clear and concise reports and submit in a timely manner.

Job Requirements:
-  Experience managing group homes for the developmentally disabled is required.
-  Bachelors degree in a human services related field is preferred.
-  A medical background is preferred.   
-  DDP certification is preferred.
-  Experience managing group homes for the developmentally disabled is required.
-  High School diploma or GED.
-  A medical background is preferred.   
-  DDP certification is preferred.

Also, LPNs/RNs with management experience will be strongly considered.

License or Certificate:

* DDP Preferred
§  Valid Driver’s License
§  CPR
§  First Aide
§  MCC (Medication Care Compliance)
§  Defensive Driving
§  Essential Learning (Gateway BHS)

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